• February 15, 2013
    By David S. Bernstein

    "Christian" asks:

    ...who comes out in the top two of this primary for mayor: John Connolly, Marty Walsh, Rob Consalvo, Tito Jackson, Felix Arroyo, Ayanna Pressley, Mike Ross? How about when including John Fish in that group?

    Pressley and Consalvo.

    Or, I don't know, could be any of them, they're all strong candidates.

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  • December 14, 2012
    By David S. Bernstein

    Turning to the local, "Noah" asks via email:

    A) Are you ready to say that Menino won't run again? B) Assuming he doesn't, who do you think will run/win?

    I am certainly NOT ready to say that. I think Menino wants to run again, and perhaps intends to run again; the question is whether he and Angela ultimately feel he is physically up to the challenge of campaigning -- which might depend on whether he gets serious challengers.

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  • October 19, 2012
    By David S. Bernstein

    Returning to Boston mayoral politics, "cityguy617" asks:

    Who makes it to the final 2 in a Mayor's race without Menino?

    Well, I'm sticking with my longstanding rankings with Rob "Shot-Spotter" Consalvo at #1, so I guess he's got to be one of the two. If Consalvo wins one spot, the other figures to go to a minority and/or woman and/or progressive hotshot, right?

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  • March 18, 2011
    By David S. Bernstein

    Ask Me Anything Day rolls on! "RMC Strategies" asks:

    Could you handicap the top 4 folks in the US Senate dem primary (based on assumptions of who may be in) and the top 4 folks who would be NEXT mayor of Boston (outside of Menino)?

    Well, the four who are making noise about running I would put in the following order of likelihood to win the nomination: Setti Warren, Kim Driscoll, Alan Khazei, Bob Massie -- with the caveat that I don't think there's a huge difference in the odds among all four.

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