• January 15, 2013
    By David S. Bernstein

    Congressman Michael Capuano announced in a statement this afternoon that he will not run in the (presumed) upcoming special election for US Senate.

    Ed Markey is the only declared candidate at this point. Congressman Steve Lynch is seriously considering it, and has said he will likely announce his plans after John Kerry's (presumed) confirmation as Secretary of State, expected later this month.

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  • December 28, 2012
    By David S. Bernstein

    Two sides of the Cap-for-Senate possibility. First, "Anonymous" asks:

    What happens to Mike Capuano if he loses his second Dem primary despite being in Congress for over 10 years in the most heavily Dem district in the state? Could he run statewide a third time and win? Does he risk a primary challenge in the state's minority majority district?

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  • December 14, 2012
    By David S. Bernstein

    "Mike" asks:

    Rank the Congressional delegation on likelihood of running for an open US Senate seat in a special to replace Kerry.

    Aha! A political Q. I'll include current and incoming.

    1. Steve Lynch

    2. Michael Capuano

    3. Ed Markey

    4. Niki Tsongas

    5. Joe Kennedy

    6. Bill Keating

    7. Barney Frank

    8. Jim McGovern

    9. Joe Olver

    10. Richard Neal

    11. John Tierney

  • March 18, 2011
    By David S. Bernstein

    "DeepThinker" asks:

    Will Scott Brown hold onto his base? Can the Dems win without appealing to Scott Brown's base of guys who like guys who drive pick-up trucks? Is Bob Massie too intellectual to gain broad appeal? Is Setti Warren jumping in too soon? Can Mike Capuano recover from the stigma of having lost to Coakley? Is this too many questions?

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  • October 02, 2009
    By David S. Bernstein

    "Ben" asks:

    "Let's imagine for a second that Capuano takes the senate seat. Besides Joe Kennedy's son and Mike Ross, have you heard rumblings of anyone else laying tentative plans for the MA-8th?"

    I haven't, but I have no doubt there are plenty of wheels spinning in people's heads. I've heard people say Somerville mayor Joe Curtatone could go for it.

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