• February 15, 2013
    By David S. Bernstein

    "David" (oops) "Matt" asks:

    Brown's new gig at Fox raises the question: If the governor's race comes down to Grossman vs. Baker, then who wins?

    Yeah, I'll agree with you that Brown doesn't look like he's planning to run for office in Massachusetts anytime soon.

    My instinct is that 2014 shapes up for Charlie Baker to beat a Beacon Hill insider figure like Steve Grossman, if that's the match-up.

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  • January 23, 2013
    By David S. Bernstein

    Nobody else seems willing to discuss this, perhaps because it is too gruesome to contemplate. But something must be done.

    It's like one of those Prisoners' Dilemma or other awful scenarios, where each person's rational best decision ultimately leads to a result that nobody wants.

    And no matter how much everybody may want to avoid that unwanted outcome, the logical decisions they make along the way still lead them to the exact choices that bring it about.

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