Weld Gone Wild

Former Governor and perhaps future something-or-other William Weld has moved back to the Commonwealth, and decided to plunge back into the public eye yesterday via a sit-down with, apparently, everybody employed at the Boston Herald at once. (Note: pols don't have to wear lapel mics at Phoenix ed boards.)

In what Joey Batts correctly calls "a surprising slap to law enforcement," Weld used the opportunity to side with Tim Cahill against AG Martha Coakley, and with the Beacon Hill probation patronage patronizers against US Attorney Carmen Ortiz.

Surprising if you're thinking of the old Bill Weld, looking to make his name and career by taking legal umbrage at scofflaw pols in DC and Boston. Also surprising for someone taking a role in the MassGOP, where running against the Beacon Hill ethical morass is job one.

But perhaps not so surprising when you consider that Coakley and Ortiz are frequently rumored Democratic candidates for either governor or US Senate. Whether Weld is trying to knock them down a peg because he might end up campaigning against one of them, or because he's trying to help whatever Republican ends up in that contest, maybe it's not so crazy.

Well, maybe it's not crazy if he's looking to help other potential Republican candidates. Himself? Note that Weld is not saying the targets of prosecution didn't do what they are alleged to have done, but that what they are alleged to have done is perfectly legitimate, and indeed necessary political behavior. It is a little crazy to think that he could run for high office himself in this state while defending the flagrant violation of legal and ethical standards of behavior.

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