Q&A #7: Worcester's GOP Freshmen

Via email, "Tyler" asks:

How do you think the first-term Republican State Reps elected in Worcester County will do for re-election this year? Do you think any will be voted out?

This is a great question, which I'd love to hear some central-Massachusetts readers chime in on.

Correct me if I'm wrong, but there are four of them who face Democratic challengers: Richard Bastien in the 2nd (Jonathan Zlotnik, Dem); Peter Durant in the 6th (Kathleen Walker, Dem); Kevin Kuros in the 8th (Robert DuBois, Dem); and Ryan Fattman in the 18th (Donald Bourque, Dem).

Bastien won with well under 50% of the total vote in a four-way election in 2010; Durant needed a revote to beat Alicea; Fattman beat Jennifer Callahan, who was getting no help from Speaker DeLeo and the Democratic establishment.

All four will be facing much bigger, and less favorable, turnout than in their one and only victory. But, they have the advantage of incumbency and familiarity.

Like I said above, I'd like to know what folks in the area think. My guesses, based on very little: Kuros is safe; Fattman, who has raised a lot of money, could survive; Durant and Bastien are in trouble.

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