Q&A #3: Boston Power Players In The Lege

"John" asks:

Ernie Boch III at blue mass group thinks Reps Moran and Michlewitz are destined to stay players in the House of Reps. Of course Hart is climbing...Do you think any of the newer Boston reps/senators are likely to climb with them? Collins, Holmes, Coppinger, Henriquez in the House? Brownsberger/Chang-Diaz in the Senate?

I agree about Moran and Michlewitz. In the Senate, the big unknown is the Post-Terri Horizon. Sure, Hart looks good now, but who knows what happens if/when somebody else gets the gavel. Right now Chang-Diaz is on the outs, but what if her progressive bloc provides the swing votes to elect the next Prez?

Regardless, I'd keep an eye on Petruccelli for a continued steady rise in the Senate, and Sanchez in the House.


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