Q&A #6: Elizabeth Warren Getting An Edge?

"Jack" goes back to the US Senate race:

Elizabeth Warren is meeting with Bay Staters, face to face, in small and large groups, at a steady pace. Contrast that with Coakley, who didn't have the time or inclination to present herself. Also, Brown is tied up in Washington, for now. Further, Brown is known mostly by public persona, rather than direct contact with residents/voters. Is Warren maximizing this window of opportunity, to get close to voters; thus getting the edge on Brown?

First off, I disagree with you on Scotto, as I wrote a couple of months ago. I would also suggest that E-Dubs (as I've started calling her) is meeting with a lot of supporters, but I'm not so sure she's been spending all that much time yet face-to-face with the swing voters who will decide this election. That's not a bad thing -- you've got to get the activists active first.

Anyway, this will probably all be long forgotten and irrelevant this fall in the barrage of $25 million of TV ads.

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