Maginn Cries For Harvard Law

Good old Bob Maginn, chairman of the completely disfunctional Massachusetts Republican Party, is standing up for the reputation of Harvard Law School, which has recently been under attack by Maginn's good friend and fellow Harvard Law alum Willard Mitt Romney, who has gone around saying that people who spend time at the place become snobs incapable of relating to regular human people. Of whom Romney has heard much in his travels.

Actually, Maginn is not speaking up against Romney's attacks on the institution to which he is "a graduate and donor," as he leads off his letter to Harvard president Drew Gilpin Faust. Maginn is concerned that Harvard's reputation for commitment to Veritas is at risk from the "academic fraud" perpetrated upon it by one Elizabeth Warren, who happens to be running for Senate against the only member of Maginn's party who anybody in the state likes.

Warren, according to allegations, may or may not have led some unidentified people at Harvard to believe that she herself believed that she is part Native American, which she in fact did believe. Harvard then may or may not have used this information in some way, with or without Warren's knowledge.

Fretting for the reputation of his alma mater, not to mention the value of his donations, Maginn -- who helpfully posted his letter on the MassGOP web site -- suggests that if Faust allows Warren to make this mockery of Harvard's faithful devotion to truth and integrity, the whole institution may crumble upon itself and slide into the Charles.

I see his point. A university allowing a professor to remain on staff after being caught commiting academic fraud would be almost as damaging as a state political party electing a chairman who has admitted to flagrantly violating state election law. Can you imagine?

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