Q&A #3: Senate Candidates

"Boston Tom" asks:

Have we heard the last of the announced Democrats to challenge Scott Brown? If not, who is either (a) strongly considering a run or (b) definitely in for a run against Brown.

& "CMassPolitics" asks:

When Patty Murray and the DSCC say that they will have a front-line Senate candidate in a few weeks, do they mean Elizabeth Warren, one of the congressmen, someone else? It seems to me that Frank, Neal, Olver and Menino all publicly talking down the current candidates is an effort to keep the decks clear until Capuano makes a decision... possibly after redistricting.

I've been making the same interpretation as CMassPolitics, that Frank, Menino et al wouldn't be putting shivs in the backs of Setti Warren and the rest, unless they were doing it for someone. And who could that be, other than Cap?

I also agree that if Cap is serious about it, he'd want to wait until late in the year. But he has indicated that he will make a decision earlier, probably June; I would imagine the party is putting pressure on for him to move one way or the other so they can get out from this "no serious candidates" talk.

Problem is, I just haven't get the impression from people that Capuano has actually decided to run. But I'm going to guess that he does. If it's not him, I don't know who it could be they're talking about.

Which is not to say that I think they need somebody. The whole "you can't beat someone with nobody" is a crock as far as I'm concerned -- a blank-slate candidate is often the best way to beat a vulnerable incumbent. Which is not to say that I think Scotto is necessarily vulnerable -- but obviously if he isn't the whole point is moot anyway, right?



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