Perry, Perry, Why You Buggin'

A couple of days ago I wrote this about state rep Jeff Perry, who is running for Congress in the Massachusetts 10th District:

...what has he ever done that makes him more qualified for office than any Joe Schmoe in the neighborhood with conservative opinions? As best as I can tell, he's had a string of start-and-stop careers, of which I've never heard a single positive story, and then he's been a do-nothing state representative. Am I missing something? Is there some achievement, success, or contribution I'm missing?
I was pleased to see that someone used this query to start a diary at Red Mass Group, where one might expect some Perry defenders to come forth with some info.
Thus far, however, nobody has provided any actual example of achievement, success, or contribution. (Some have, however, blasted me for not questioning the qualifications of Niki Tsongas, which I think would come as a surprise to those who were reading me during that campaign in the Fall of '07.)
So, I will keep waiting, and hope that someone will put forth some info. Did he build a successful business? Work any impressive cases? Lead any community initiatives? I really am asking.
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