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--Isn't it interesting that doemstic terrorist Amy Bishop was a graduate student at HARVARD in the early 1990s, just as known terrorist pal BARACK HUSSEIN OBAMA was finishing at Harvard Law School? And that Bishop may have sent a PIPE BOMB at roughly the same time that domestic terrorist bomb-maker BILL AYERS was launching Obama's political career? What is the CONNECTION BETWEEN OBAMA, BISHOP, AND AYERS? Why isn't the mainstream media asking these important questions? And why has OBAMA REFUSED TO EXPLAIN HIS RELATIONSHIP WITH AMY BISHOP? And most importantly, why haven't I received any emails from rabid Obama-haters DEMANDING ANSWERS TO THESE QUESTIONS?

--Perhaps they're too busy cataloging books about SOCIALISM in the White House library.

--The Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) started this morning, and I'll be keeping tabs on it via the Internet (live coverage at Mitt Romney speaks at 1:30 this afternoon.

--Speaking of the Barnstormin' Mormon... In my recent article about him, I suggested that he may need to plot a "Blue State strategy" to winning the 2012 Republican nomination, and specifically that he may need to win without the South -- and that there seems to be some evidence that he is plotting such a course. I wrote that the details of his upcoming book tour may provide some evidence about this. Well, the full schedule is now out. Romney has scheduled speeches and/or book signings in 42 cities, in 19 states plus DC and Canada. 31 of those stops are in states that voted for Obama, 10 in states that voted for McCain (plus one in Canada). As for the South, he will spend plenty of time in Florida, with six stops. He has three stops in Texas, which is not bad but not exactly a ton for such a huge (and hugely Republican) state. He has four stops in the other Southern states: one in the key early-voting state of South Carolina, two in Georgia, and one in Tennessee. That's clearly not ignoring the region, but consider that he's making five stops in the early-caucus state of Nevada.

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