Henriquez, & The At-Larges

Carlos Henriquez got a Boston Globe endorsement today for his district council bid against Chuck Turner, which is surprising not because they picked him, but because the paper decided to endorse for the preliminary election.

This probably means the Globe will do at-large council endorsements too, most likely tomorrow. This could be a big deal, because frankly many of the 60,000 or so folks who will vote on Tuesday currently don't know a Willis from a Fortes from a Kenneally from a Jackson. For the 13 name-recognition-challenged challengers, getting their name in bold-face in a Globe recipe would be the best publicity they've had all year, let alone on the op-ed page.

Mid-September campaign-finance reports are freshly out, and show part of the problem: the 15 candidates, in total, spent around $65,000 in those crucial 15 days. All together. That's what, about $300 each per day.

By way of unfair comparison, Thomas Menino dropped over a half-million dollars on advertising before the preliminary.

And by the way, incumbent John Connolly raised roughly $40k for that period, which creates a pretty sizeable cash-on hand separation between him and the others.

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