CPAC Starts

The annual CPAC conference is underway; I've only been able to watch some of today's speeches so far. The biggest issue, from what I can tell, is the so-called "Fairness Doctrine," which as you may know is the Democrats' secret plan to rid the airwaves of all conservative and Christian broadcasting. Never mind that Barack Obama has stated that he opposes bringing back the doctrine, and the US Senate -- including Democrats -- just voted overwhelmingly for a silly amendment opposing the doctrine. Among the conservatives at CPAC, it's a major talking point and huge applause line. Also, abortion. And homosexuals.

Congressman Mike Pence -- my dark horse candidate for 2012 GOP Presidential nomination -- got a good speaking slot; he said that the US is joining Europe in "an avalanche of socialism." Van Hipp of American Defense International said that securing the borders against illegal immigrants "has to be the top priority of any commander in chief." Cliff Kincaid of Accuracy In Media called George W. Bush a "pseudo-socialist," and -- for those of you who love this particular undying canard -- said that "At least back in the 1980s we had a President who was born in the United States." Janice Crouse of the Beverly LaHaye Institute said of the Oscars: "The whole broadcast was an insult to mainstream Americans." How so? Well, Bill Maher said something about godlessness, the Best Actor award went to Sean Penn, who insulted everyone who opposes gay marriage, and "Kay Winslet won Best Actress for playing a Nazi pedophile." Huh?

On a related note: about six weeks ago I told you that Louisiana Senator David "serious sin" Vitter might get a 2010 primary challenge from Tony "sinners suck"  Perkins of the Family Research Council. Now Perkins tells Politico that he is indeed considering such a run.

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