Good Speech. Now, Other Thoughts...

--Obama: "I've done more in 30 days than most Presidents do in a full term, and I'm going to do a million more things in the next few months." Jindal: "Remember how incompetent Republicans were when we were in charge?"

--I know we're all angry at fat-cat financial execs, but that's no excuse for someone stealing Mitt Romney's wife's jewelry.

--Speaking of the Mittster, quick question: if he was governor of Massachusetts today, would he refuse the federal stimulus money?

--Oh, by the way Bobby J, you were one of those Republican congressmen who you say pissed away the party's goodwill.

--RNC chair Michael Steele: civil unions is crazy-talk. Also, might have called homosexuals pigs. As in, putting lipstick on one.

--And speaking of Steele: was Jindal's response part of this new 'hip-hop' GOP you've been talking about? 'Cause I wasn't really feeling it.

--Update to my earlier post: House Republicans split today on the Captive Primate Safety Act; 93 voted against, but 76 voted yes with the Democrats.

--Conservative blogosphere in wide agreement tonight: Pelosi's outfit was unattractive. VERY unattractive.

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