PolitickerMA's Goof, Etc.

I don't particularly want to take cheap shots at Jeremy Jacobs at PolitickerMA, but I picked on Dave Wedge for this error at the Herald, so it wouldn't be fair to let Jacobs get away easy.

Jacobs, reporting on the latest campaign finance reports from Tom Menino, Michael Flaherty, and Sam Yoon, says that the Mayor has around $366,000 in his campaign account.

In actuality, Menino has closer to $1.3 million, by my estimation. Most of it is tucked away, legally, in money market accounts that are not shown on the periodic reports. Likewise, Michael Flaherty does not have a measly $135k, as Jacobs writes, but well over a half-million.

On a separate note, last week former Flaherty aide Andrew Kenneally formed a campaign committee for a city-wide council race. Kenneally has been much-rumored to be looking at a run, and this move means we can add him to Felix G. Arroyo, Doug Bennett (now at 30,000 doors knocked!), Jean-Claude Sanon, and Marty Hogan as officially in it. Robert Terrell, long-time Roxbury activist, is also running, according to the Dorchester Reporter. There are plenty more waiting to see what Flaherty and Yoon do.

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