Today's Quick Takes

--Hey, all you Democratic delegates who have been whining about the food at the Tsongas Arena: at least it wasn't Fenway Park.

--Hard to imagine Obama being in town with this little buzz in the local media, huh?

--My question about the TOUCH-FM controversy (well covered by Brian Ballou today) is and has been: why did the Southern New England Society of Broadcast Engineers drop the dime to the FCC in the first place? Dan K, get me an answer!

--Honestly, everybody in this town, upon seeing the Deval Patrick 20-accomplishments list, immediately thought: "Jon Keller's going to have a field day with this." Does Jessica Heslam really think he needed anybody, let alone Barney, to plant that thought in his head? C'mon, one reason I didn't bother mocking the list was that I assumed Jon would be whacking that one good.

--OK, I'll say it: she interned at MassEquality, chose Smith College, and Deval didn't know? And I thought he was smart.....

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