Patrick's Fundraising

The local ProgBloggers might not like it, but Frank Phillips has a perfectly valid point in today's Globe. Deval Patrick's fundraising activities absolutely should be watched and monitored closely, and it's up to the Governor to demonstrate, by his actions, that the money doesn't affect the governing.

That's the case, in my opinion, with any powerful public figure, but especially with Patrick. Why? For one thing, as Phillips points out, it certainly has the appearance of deeds not matching rhetoric. But more importantly, because of the seeming inverse relationship with some of his donors. That is to say, one expects people to donate to officeholders who are on their side of the issues -- if I'm a fan of low state income taxes, of course I would have been inclined to give to someone like Mitt Romney who was in my corner. But when people, or groups of people, give to an officeholder who is up to that point working against their interests, the public has a right to wonder whether they're trying to use that money, or the access that money brings, to get what they want.

When Patrick raises a bunch of money from NStar, it's certainly worth noting. It's also worth noting that he just raised a truckload from attorneys at Mintz Levin, which lobbies state government, and a little chunk from Arbella Insurance execs.

Sunshine is the great disinfectant, as they say. There's nothing wrong with Patrick raising money from any of these folks. But it's vital that the press and the public pay attention to it.

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