Armstrong Williams' curious prediction

I hope you appreciate my dedication in perusing the conservative blogosphere for you. Today I can report that Mitt Romney has been in heavy rotation the last couple of days, as his newly-hired blogger-outreach man, former Bill Frist aide Stephen Smith, is hard at work prepping for the big campaign launch. Romney just did a Q&A with editor Robert B. Bluey, for example.

But Romney has not yet won over Human Events columnist Armstrong Williams -- yes, that Armstrong Williams -- who plans to vote for Rudy Giuliani. Or, so he said in his somewhat confused 2008 Presidential predictions column yesterday.

For the Democratic nomination, Williams predicts "a photo finish horse race between Clinton and Gore for the nomination" resulting in "The Democratic winner: Al Gore." On the other side, "The Republican winner: John McCain." To recap, "So, the way I see it, in November 2008, you will have a choice of John McCain or Al Gore as the next U.S. president."

But then, in a surprise twist, he ends with this prediction: "I believe the Democratic charge will not let up and Barack Obama will be our 44th president."

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