• February 12, 2009
    By Jeff Inglis

    CNN is now reporting that New Hampshire senator Judd Gregg is withdrawing his name from consideration for the position of commerce secretary. This shows a real lack of organization on Obama's part, and while Gregg was rather conservative as these things go (and therefore might not have been the best choice in the first second place), this suggests Obama's cabinet is going to be a real mess.

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  • February 06, 2009
    By Jeff Inglis

    In addition to the petition for a Cabinet-level Secretary of Arts, there are plenty of other groups out there pushing Obama in a progressive direction. What's your issue? Here are a few to choose from, and places you can add your voice to the discussion. Robert Scheer at Truthdig has some reasons why, and so does Naomi Klein, but really, you already know why.

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