He's the prez now

A brief summary of my thoughts since Inauguration Day:

-Closing Gitmo is great. Even spending a night in one of those cells was pretty bad - much less being waterboarded, starved, and otherwise tortured.

-Putting back the Geneva Conventions and the Army interrogation manual is also really a good sign for human rights around the world, as well as to restore America's standing among nations.

-Restoring the Freedom of Information Act is truly wonderful - we, the public, pay for the government, all its employees, every desk, every piece of paper. We own it - we have the right to look at it. We agree as a society to not look at certain aspects for specific reasons, but it is not the purview of government to tell us what information we're allowed to have - it is our purview to tell government what secrets it may keep.

-Not sure why the nominee for Director of National Intelligence thinks waterboarding isn't torture, after Obama and his attorney general-designate have made clear that it is. But then again, Dennis Blair isn't much of one for human rights, having helped violate the rights of the East Timorese at the hands of the Indonesian military.

-Ethics and transparency are good, so long as Obama doesn't give his friends free passes, and so long as he doesn't resent journalists asking about it.

All in all, a middling score.


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