It's time to Take Back Barack

This story and this effort all started, for me, back when Hillary Clinton's name was being bandied about as a prospect to become the next American secretary of state, even before she was officially selected. I had been thrilled - and not a little relieved - when Obama won, and I had eagerly awaited the unveiling of the team of cabinet officers and other key executive-branch staffers who would move quickly to Change this country, which has been going in the wrong direction for far too long.

And while I respect Hillary, and was largely impressed with her candicacy during the Democratic primary, I was - and remain - worried that sending her out as America's chief diplomat will not represent enough of a Change for America's standing in the world.

So I got a little worried. And then more announcements and leaks trickled in. Dubya's SecDef Robert Gates was staying. McCain's national-security advisor during the campaign was going to be Obama's national-security advisor in the Oval Office.

I was - and still am - worried, as is progressive columnist Ted Rall, that the people Obama is surrounding himself with will change him, more than he will Change them. He's not picking progressives. And beyond that, he's picking Establishment people - not even non-progressive outsiders, generally speaking. Deirdre Fulton and I detail some of these concerns - as well as a few bright-ish spots - in our story this week in the Portland Phoenix and at

And Obama owes the progressive movement - and the generally progressive American population - much more than he owes the Establishment.

We Want Change. We voted for change. We backed Obama because of his promise as well as his promises, because of his idealism as well as his ideas. We kept him alive in the primary, and our energy electrified this nation during the general election.

It is time to make sure that Obama does what we want - not what he wants, nor what his advisors want, nor even what he thinks we want. We need to tell him, loud and clear, the same things he told us: Change will be difficult. It will take time. But we need to start now, and we need to move fast. But we want Change. And we won't settle for anything less.

It is time to Take Back Barack. Yes, We Can. And, we must. This is our country. He is our president. He works for us, not the Establishment, not the corporations, not the Democratic Party. He's ours. Take Back Barack!


So, what can you do? And what's this blog all about?

First, check out our story - "Take Back Barack" is its name. Also, see the stuff I've tagged as related in some way or other, using Google Reader. (The link is also an RSS feed, if you want to get updates on the stuff I tag in the future.) Then, post comments here on this blog, saying what you want Barack to do, and what you think of his choices so far.

As more developments occur through the transition, and as his administration begins, we here at the TBB blog will be watching, and giving our thoughts on his choices and decisions.

For more information, you can also check out the list of related links - which include other blogs with others' perspectives on the transition, as well as progressive political news, and even some general news sites.

But overall, please use this blog any way you want, so long as it helps keep the pressure on Obama to serve us, as he promised he would do.

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