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Other lives happening here. Am at Rollstone Studios, Fitchburg, MA tomorrow doing my hours as a studio artist. The new moon today was a welcome bit of news. But I've dealt with some really difficult folks in past several days (it's blowback from also having a career in public service). But I ask myself. With natal Mars in Cancer, and transiting Mars in Cancer maybe I'm just more likely to be ANNOYED! Yes, and yes, those people were a pa-yane. The most depressing are those who live in a bubble and don't understand the complexities and legalities that go with municipal services. In a 24 hour period I dealt with an idiot with a phD and one without. Generally, I remain pretty even-keeled no matter who comes swimming into my viewfinder but it really was a pile of silliness. So I spent this afternoon campaigning with a friend who's running for a council seat here, a capable young veteran who actually knows how to do follow through and has experience. We look forward to more campaigning. And more new moons.
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