Mercury Rx won't get me!

oh who am I kidding....Doesn't launch until Sept. 7 but I take a very dim view of this little cinderball of mayhem. That's why I finally got a Facebook page for Symboline stuff. I hear all the kids are doing this and figured it's another online shingle. I'm off to do Tarot readings at Roots right now. Also, I'm teaching at Cambridge Center, "Introduction to Astrology" on Sept. 24 (Thursday). Call them at 617 547 6789 if you want to sign up. With a new baby I tend to limit my time-beyond-the-zip code. In fact, I feel like I'm typing on borrowed time now....Someone respond to this stuff and I'm still looking for cuspy people as I continue to evaluate. Ted Kennedy was a cuspy Pisces and his lifelong commitment to health care certainly fits (also the super self-destructive, risk-taking youth, but I can't imagine what it would be like to lose siblings violently). Most last-born Pisces I know inevitably become the caretakers of the most difficult members of the family. They have a high tolerance for behavior that other signs would not be able to handle. Just another reason to love Pisces,....
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