power down

We were nearly 12 days without electricity (heat, lights, hot water, the fun stuff) and only got internet connection back last week. Nearly 3 weeks without. I'm on book deadline, but here's a note from a reader. Someone else wrote me before the disaster, but that's lost. Sorry. I don't recommend life without being able to turn on the lights but I can tell you that you can read somewhat comfortably with seven candles. . . . Hello Sally, I picked up my weekly boston phoenix yesterday, and then saw the title of the cover article and was like "very cool" and then saw it was by you, and it's awesome! My boss is also a Leo. Ive been working with her for a year now, and it has been a very hard year. [especially since i am doing a job that is VERY detail oriented - that's a whole different story] I can definitely see the trademarks....the growling and roaring. the demarcating of territory. The micromanagement, cos she feels noone can do a good job and she needs to do it all herself. being the sagitarrius i am, i have tried to help, and probably just threatened her and made the situation worse. In the article you did not mention much of leo's weaknesses, did I get some of them right above? My boss definitely is VERY disorganized and it affects both of our work severely. I have tried to be practical and then after being treated quite harshly, i have stepped back and tried to put up some boundaries. Any advice for those working for high-powered leo's? Congrats again on your cover article, and good luck in 2009 to you and yours (and especially for your forthcoming book!). Take care. S. Dear S. Leo can definitely be disorganized. Part of that is the fixed-sign "reactiveness" that happens. If she's disorganized absolutely DO NOT step in and help. Bosses need to figure out things for themselves. Do not anticipate, only echo. Keep records. When she decides to rewrite history, you can say, "Actually, on Tuesday, you decided we'd do it this way. I wrote myself a memo so I could follow your instructions." Leo will be under major strain this year. If there's anyone else who can be a buffer, get them to cowboy up. (Does anyone still use that?). Thanks for writing!
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