• January 18, 2009
    By Symboline Dai
    Are you a scorpio? What's your job? What have you done for work? What do you wish you'd done. Write asap:
  • January 17, 2009
    By Symboline Dai
    I have mentioned I'm expecting a baby in late March. So if the responses to email or other correspondence get flakey between now and then it's because I'm working on a couple of other big deadlines. But I have finally figured out how to deal with the responses!
  • January 07, 2009
    By Symboline Dai
    Okay folks, want to be a guinea pig? If you're a Cancer, Scorpio or Pisces and want to answer some questions about your emotional life/responses email me. If you want to talk about how you chose your career, get in touch asap:
  • January 06, 2009
    By Symboline Dai
    We were nearly 12 days without electricity (heat, lights, hot water, the fun stuff) and only got internet connection back last week. Nearly 3 weeks without. I'm on book deadline, but here's a note from a reader. Someone else wrote me before the disaster, but that's lost. Sorry. I don't recommend life without being able to turn on the lights but I can tell you that you can read somewhat comfortably with seven candles.

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