Mercury Rx ovah!

Here's my best recent Merc. Rx tale

I was on a tour of the East Fitchburg Wastewater Treatment plant, in an effort to learn more about the state-mandated grit facility we need to construct (Symboline doesn't JUST do astrology you know..). The city is looking at spending some $9.6 mill. to make this happen. I was basically dazed from the aroma, which is beyond anything I've ever experienced, and I've been near a dead body pre-funeral. My notebook dropped, unbenownst to me, into a pile of .... something. And I couldn't find it -- anywhere! So I had to run through the whole plant AGAIN. Finally, someone working there must have found and retrieved and it was...damp. Mercury rules communication so putting my words in a big pile of sewage was definitely raising the ante.
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