Hi Sally, I’ve been an avid reader of your column since I moved to Boston several years ago and I have to say that the phrase “eerily accurate” does spring to mind. So my question is about why I can’t communicate with libras. Since I was 21 I have dated *seven* of them (two seriously) and each relationship crashes and burns. Now I’ve met another person that I really, really like, but when I found out she was a libra, my reaction was to immediately hide under something.  The two longest and happiest relationships I’ve had (2.5 years and 3.5 years) were both with tauruses. Is that just a better match? So I guess my questions are whether or not there is there some kind of cancer-libra attraction that draws them out of the woodwork (*why* on earth do I meet all these libras?), and second, why don’t these relationships ever work out? My birthday is July 18th, if that matters. Thanks so much for your column and any advice you have, Elizabeth

Dear Elizabeth -- The Cancer/Libra attraction is inevitable and often terminal. A female Cancer would bring an intensity (possessiveness?) loyalty (defensiveness?) and passion that Libra would not be able to meet on a consistent basis. Libra is a fun sign, good in the short-term but always unpredictable in terms of needs of solitude. Taurus/Cancer is a combo I've seen "sticking" much more effectively, frankly, though they probably wouldn't have the zing of Libra. But here's the thing: You've got a useful transit coming up when Mars moves into Cancer this fall and then retrogrades. You'll be putting out very attractive and decisive vibes romantically, particularly during November. This angle should climax after next Valentine's Day so figure YOUR taste will be improving during a five month period. Thanks for writing -- more at
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