are we in florida?

A thousand years ago when the first dearly beloved Mr. Moonsigns and I were invited to Orlando for a great big fat tchotchke-dripping junket for the new Universal Studios attraction at Mouseville, the most memorable event for me was that it rained EVERY afternoon. Monsoon-scale sheets of water that ended after 20 minutes adding to the humidity and general misery of that climate. Cut to 20plus years later and this is our July. I'm finally filing all the words due tomorrow because this west-facing office, so lovely in the fall and winter is like one of those home-made foil and cardboard stoves boy scouts make to cook hotdogs in to show that Yes Solar Power is FREE!.

Speaking of passive sources of technology, I've been hearing about windpower and how people get all glassyeyed about getting Off The Grid and all that. Southern California has more windmills than Los Angeles has four-way-stop signs and it's still barely 10 percent of the power output. If that. Now if I could only find a way to hook up a rotor to the mousewheel in little Master Moonsigns' collection of mousies. We love rodents here -- we rescue them from the tom cats, we mourn their passing, we hate the crap in the pantry, but aside from that, we are very fond of rodents. Just not the human kind. Who've been all too much in evidence lately. Sorry, no astrology today. Go read moonsigns or sunsigns.....
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