MANY Of Us With Natal Mercury Retrograde

Hi Sally, You got me curious! There must be MANY of us with natal mercury retrograde. I've always wondered if we get a better deal than most during the retro phases each year? This retro is not being too bad to me (KNOCKKNOCK). But then again, I know better than to expect smoothness, or to try new things... What have you observed for those of us born during these crazy times? Thanks! Natal Ninny

Some are MUCH more high function than others. Here's an example. I was walking through Harvard Yard with some literary folks and someone mentioned that I was an astrologer. The poet Jorie Graham said, "Everyone says things go wrong when Mercury is retrograde but I find everything going really smoothly. I don't know what people are talking about." I mulled that over and later looked up her birthday and -- yup, natal Mercury retrograde. My observations about folks w/this placement is that they often have an affinity with people who speak a different language or who communicate very differently from others. So when mercury IS retrograde, you're ahead of the game.
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