I like him. Especially since Hank Stolz asked me what was going on way back in March and I in sleep-deprived state said he was having a vicious Mars opposition and every little thing he did was mud. At least that month. And that things would look up for him in April. Which they did! Score another for Symboline. july is his next tricky month but my experience (modest and frankly bizarre -- my father was a politico who came out for Ed King and had various patronage jobs in his post-newspaper days) is that the Statehouse is a relatively quiet place during the hot months, despite the building having some really wonderful naturally cool places due to smart architecture -- when, oh when did we forget to build smart? Anyway, quiet except for the scheming.

I always thought at some point I would work in politics, and I probably still will. State politics are fascinating, local politics even more so despite it being the one place where the rumor mill IS the news.

My favorite state house, and one you must visit if you are in Lincoln, Nebraska is a stellar example of smart New Deal/WPA construction. A marble palace -- "the prick on the plains," some of the franker 'huskers noted -- with the most amazing ventilation, stunning evolutionary mosaics on the floor (and various evangelicals not so far away), and filled, at least last June, with ruddy-faced fellows in short sleeved shirts and ladies with Done hair and practical shoes. I love the midwest. The longer I stay in New England, the more I miss the Midwest.
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