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Good Morning Sally, I was able to get that birthtime finally at 5:23 am. After smooshing the internet a bit, I found that would make my rising sign a leo, which would make me a virgo sun, leo ascendent and aquarius moon, lol......kinda explains why I consider myself so screwed up because I don't consider these signs to be all that compatible with each other.

After reading it though, the first thing that occured to me was that Saturn is in leo right now and has been for the last year or so. I was under the impression that the ascendent was about how we present ourselves to others, but is it possible the great stress (messy divorce, child custody, moving states, going back to college, boyfriend with major medical problems, you name it...) I've had the last couple of years could be due to Saturn in Leo.


Dear L

Saturn brings greater responsibility which can definitely be stressful and when Saturn crosses our ascendent (goes from 12th to 1st house) very often our responsibilities become "public." A messy divorce with child custody issues (which would involve the courts -- Leo rules children by the way) could certainly add to this stress.

Re: your sun/moon/ascendent combination. Rarely do I have clients with those three important astrological elements in the same mode or element. "I contain multitudes" is Whitman, and he was right. Paradox is endemic to human psychology and reconciling seemingly incompatible aspects is part of our journey. There will be periods in 2007 that will be more difficult than others, however, due to that ascendent. Thanks for writing -- take things slow....

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