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Hello Again Sally, Just dropping you a line to let you know I picked up your calender just last week! It is so full of information and symbols that my boyfriend jokingly commented, that I will be struggling with it the way I was with Algebra last semester. I'm really hoping to obtain the information I need to get you to do a chart for me this year. I've read that Saturn moves into virgo in the fall for a two + year transit and Saturn times are suppose to be tough, so I'm concerned. (as if my last two years haven't been tough enough already) I first wrote you a couple of years ago when I lived in PA. I tried then to get the information but failed. (the copy I was sent had everything on it but my birth time) Now that I'm back in KY, I'm on the search again, hopefully this time with greater success! Til then, keep up the good work! Laurie Thanks Laurie, Saturn returns comes the first time at age 28 to 29.5, but you start feeling it at around age 27 or so. This weekend at tarot reading at Roots, I had a couple of folks who had Saturn on their sun sign so their Saturn returns had been/would be extremely dramatic. As far as getting birthtimes, if you can ask your mother what her first meal was after giving birth: breakfast, snack, whathaveyou, sometimes that's a useful question. best S.
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