From: "Steven Brzozowski" To: Subject: Hi Sally Hi Sally Thanks for your insights. Im confused. How do I find out what my Rising SIgn is ? Its the time you were born right? Im pretty sure i was born between 1 and 2pm on 5 Dec 1975. I believe that would mean Pisces or Aries.... And what does this really mean for me? Should I be reading about those signs?  Im really becoming an avid student of astrology. I bought 2006 and 2007's Super Horoscope book, and it is very illuminating! Thank you for your help!  Steven B. Hi Steven, You'd probably be an Aries ascendent. Rising sign is how OTHERS perceive you. Aries is usually considered impetuous, good leader, bad listener and with the other fire in your chart, the world might perceive you as flightier than, in fact, you are, or that you THINK you are. Lots about this in the Llewellyn sun sign books (they publish an annual every year). I've got articles in the Moon Sign Almanac and the Herbal Crafts book (also wrote the forecasts for their calendar, which is at, hey, sorry about the commercial but it's THAT time of the year!) Thanks for writing...
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