Out of the woods

I've just had this great experience with Into the Woods at Stratton Players in Fitchburg. Smart director, highly talented cast, music director excellent at handling Sondheim score. As a theater critic in (mostly) Boston, I am usually seeing professional shows with a certain standard of performance -- technical issues, e.g., blocking, stage business, and production concerns are usually excellent. if something isn't good it's because the material is mediocre or, less often, a complete disaster (vanity projects usually fall into this category). I don't see a lot of community theater otherwise unless friends are involved. And so to have spent 3 weekends listening to Sondheim enthusiastically and skillfully presented was a total pleasure. Even scarier, it makes me think it might be FUN to be in a musical (tho I retired from all that at age 16 and mostly had done straight plays). I may have to wait for Brecht.
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