Okay, in the last month I: upgraded my filofax from Weentsy to Personal (so sad to retire the red leather filofax my brother Hal Cragin bought me for Xmas. We found it at the old Century 21 by the WTC, which was destroyed in 01. But now I can keep tons of paper documentation all in the same place. and I suffered with a complete worm/virus incursion on my old P(o)C (piece o'crap) which has aged worse than most. and so Mr. Dai decided I should try out a Mac system which I've never worked with before and now I'm typing on a new keyboard (on which you can actually see the letters on the keyboard -- usually my keyboards have the letters scoured down since I'm a 90 MPH typist and hopefully I can upload this thing. So, news.... My gorgeous new calendar published by Llewellyn is at It's also at BARNES AND NOBLE and BORDERS so I'm totally happy about that. And I did an astrological tarot reading at Roots (leominster) on Saturday and met some nice folks and was, once again, amazed at how useful cards are when combined with natal astrology. I'll be doing this again on epiphany (January 6). If you're interested in a reading, let them know 978 534-7668. $30/30 minutes. Roots, 100 Crawford St., Leominster, MA. I'm also teaching a class in lunar rhythms and reading your own natal charts at Fitchburg Art Museum on February 28, 6 to 8 p.m. that's it for now. I have to make more Christmas crafts. And find another place for my alleymanx cat Woojums to perch. We had a platform on my old monitor and whenever he'd get whiney/kneady/nutty he could sit up there but now....where can he go??? Anyone else maniacally high-function during this moon?
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