My computer started acting like a cheapo version of Times Square with the flashing popups during the Merc. Rx and we have spent the past day trying to resolve a variety of issues including a completely obstructed email system and the kind of viruses that would occasion the use of the National Guard were they happening in a town. I was reminded of the Influenza Epidemic of 1918, which basically put the cap on the first miserable war of the century and carried off anyone young or old. One thing about having been a geology student is being able to see deep history and tossing off tens of millions of years (those comparatively brief epochs of the Cenozoic after the stately triad of the Mesozoic (Triassic, Jurassic, Cretaceous) as if they're small change. Anyway, I'm tired of miscommunication in general although all this Sagittarius stuff in 2007 is going to make the fire sign people even more (thoughtless and) unpredictable than ever.

Sometimes I wonder if family or friends are reading this -- I'm not getting posts and I don't have the technology to monitor the page views. Someone does, though.

Tonight Little Mr. Dai picked up an ibuprofin off the floor and cheerfully remarked. "It looks like a penis. Just like a penis. Look at that, a little penis." And I know enough about being a parent to keep my face completely neutral until I could step out of the room and silently double over in laughter.
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