God is an astrologer

I just wrote this at my friend Kathy's site. She'd been musing on faith and god and those big questions...:

Gravatar re: faith. God is an astrologer, I think, who sets up complicated games of soul Sudoko across the universe and it's up to us to read the signs (in others and ourselves) and make the best choice possible given available information. I'm convinced there's some kind of afterlife that is like that static between dials, most of the time. Otherwise, I wouldn't feel like "I've been there" when I read about places in New England in the 1840s or London in the 20s. I think having a punishing demanding rigorous god is best if you're inclined to be a jerk. But those people usually have the god that says, "Hey, you, you're fabulous. Go rip pu the world some more." 

I think god is a genius chemist because I'm looking at a Selenite crystal on my desk that's a genuis piece of sculpture. And just back from the Grand Canyon, it's clear god is a geologist because every possible geological phenomena is explored at great length.

But mostly I think God gets bored easily and is always curious to see just how ingenious humanity can be at destroying one another. God rewards imagination -- Michelangelo, Beethoven, Picasso, Emily Dickinson and Sarah Bernhardt all received ample doses of genius to the point where they didn't get bored with their palette. Some people get a little genius and explore it for a while before settling into a pattern of repetition and boredom.

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