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I read a lot of blogs, which are helpful research as I know when the writers were born so it's easy to see the astrological stresses. But what I'm continually amused by is the perfect synchronicity between my collection of hermit crabs (arboreal, not oceanic) and the phases of the moon. They have been falling over themselves to get to the salt pond, climb into the food dishes, and turn over shells. As much as I hate seeing these little critters for sale in beachfront novelty shops, they are my favorite invertebrate pet thus far, and great for teaching patience to a 3 year old. I grew up handling all kinds of insects and crawly things and my mother is less squeamish than I (she handled my brother's tarantula, astrid the arachnid without gloves, which I couldn't quite do). Being able to pick up interesting animals is something all children should learn and I hate seeing parents show their anxiety about insects around their small children.

Anyway, the crabs have been living it up in their Beckett-esque terrarium. How come no one's posting?

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