Full moon round-up

Sometimes I find the full moon very useful for cleaning and putting clutter away, a perpetual problem for two people who work at home. I vacillate between thinking about insulating the barn and saying the hell with it, putting these shirts in chromatic order is fun!

Anyway, some musings on the full moon. The Episcopalians, who can be completely maddening in their waffliness have elected a female bishop which I thought happened years ago. Yay us!

Movie star breakups, makeups whatever. When I looked up Ryan Phillippe and Reese Witherspoon's birthdays I thought, "Wow, amazing they made it to 7 years." She's 1 degree of Aries, he's a solid Virgo and those are two signs that not only have nothing in common, but aren't exactly opposites, so that opposites attract thing isn't as strong as it might be. She'd be better off with a sadge or even a late Capricorn who could enjoy her genius at picking star vehicles. I think the best part of having a job that made you $20 million a year was thinking of the community revitalization you could enable.

Election day soon. Healey's an early Taurus, Deval Patrick's a Leo. Leo's are genius campaigners (as we've seen), but don't count her out. Even though I can never remember if her name is Kerry or Sherry or Sharry. At least the moon isn't VOC but Mercury is still Rx.

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