another full moon....

Belated thanks to the ladies who attended my Cambridge Center classes, "Understanding Your Horoscope" and "The Moon and You." Some even came for both classes which was very gratifying.

I'm behind in all my correspondence while I finish forecasts for ... 2008. Yes, I do not "live in the now." Thank goodness for understanding editors -- it's a lot of work to look at a year's aspects, over and over and see the patterns and connections and potholes and so on. It's a great year for Capricorn but they will have to "break their pattern" of slow-and-steady (procrastinate!).

I'm thinking about the next class I want to teach at Cambridge center -- I'm thinking something that explores YOUR aspects with other people's  -- a variant on a synastry class. I'm sure there's a sign that you always get along with or seldom get along with. As a Libra I get along with nearly everyone EXCEPT fellow Libras. We just don't seem to provide anything essential for the other. My favorite Libras are born at the end of September or near the beginning of November.

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