Pluto question

Ok this may sound silly, but what about Pluto being "downgraded." What does that mean for us Scorpios? Do we go back to being ruled by Mars or should I just start being astrologically automonomous?


Stymied Scorpio

Hi SS –

I responded to this in September, and my take on this is this: whatever works. Right now, Pluto at 24 Sagittarius is monkeying with people born on or around December 17 (e.g., flipping auto/self-destructo switch back and forth) or people with that degree of Sadge somewhere in their chart. So Scorps born just after the new moon could be feeling confused about how much they must discard to move forward emotionally (this is speaking generally, mind you, and taking Scorp. Sun/Sadge Moon into account). Scorpio as ruled by Mars makes more sense because sometimes Scorpio has a "by any means necessary" take on how the world should be. See what makes sense to you – we’ve only known about the poor little rock since 1930…

Pluto and fro

Poor Pluto. Poor Scorpio. I await the debate among my colleagues, re: Pluto’s possible astrological reclassification, but I'm still rooting for it. When it was discovered by Clyde Tombaugh in 1930, astrologers realized that they could divide up Mars’ two signs (Aries and Scorpio). Scorpio was the obvious choice for Pluto and put a darker spin on Scorpionic preoccupations. (We still have four planets that share rulers: Taurus and Libra are both ruled by Venus and Gemini and Virgo are both ruled by Mercury). I’m still sorting out what I think – for years I took Pluto into account after everything else in a chart, but 9/11/01, which featured a 36-year Saturn/Pluto opposition prompted further thought. (The previous Saturn/Pluto opposition was in the mid-60s, when the Vietnam war ramped up). When I see Pluto conjunct another planet or planets in someone’s chart there are usually some self-destructive (or defeating) tendencies in that area. I guess we have to ask what Ptolomy or John Dee would have asked which is – does the planet’s movements illuminate motive and action? Personally, I find Pluto a sweet little striver that’s now, literally, left out in the cold. If you know anyone else around 76 years old, check on their health, why don’t you….

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