Mr. Dai, a more regular attendee at our local parish, reports that among the more recent shenanigans put forth by our hitherto traditionally quiet branch of Protestantism is: the clown eucharist, ice cream sundae Sunday. Other churches are actually putting on something called the  U2charist, in which rock music is played during the breaking of the bread and everyone applauds. Not that I’d have us go back to the services that my Unitarian forebears and his Puritan ancestors would have recognized but, um, WHAT THE HELL!!! Granted, my own belief in a higher authority is definitely influenced by my professional activities (no, I don’t believe Jove, Saturn, Ouranos, Venus and Mars take a physical form). And though I was brought up as an Episcopalian and still consider myself one I’m really appalled at the knuckleheadedness that’s been coming along. We were out in front ordaining women – yay us! But what happened to our (smart, enjoyable, predictable) service? The one church I enjoy attending is St. Mary’s in Wellesley where the Reverend Peter Chase presides over a gorgeous traditional (austere and elegant) service. I hope he doesn’t mind this plug but if we lived closer I would be a more regular attendee.

What does this has to do with astrology? Sun in Virgo brings out perfectionism.

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