Aries on Aries

Aries on Aries

I'm neither an Aries nor the partner of one, but I ran across a funny astrological reference in a book of essays by a gay Aries man with an Aries lover (yikes!). He says a typical exchange in an Aries-on-Aries fight is: "Shut up!" "No, you shut up!" -- Sarah

Hi Sarah,

That stuff is fun to make up and in my experience same-sign relationships range from "no one else would have them to," "Wow, there’s a different kind of nuts." Seriously, though, fire plus fire in a relationship can be enormously successful if both parties are enthusiastic about the other person’s manias. If both of the fire signs are the kind that need to keep starting, vs. finishing a project, there can be issues. I’ve known lots of Leo women who seem to be friends exclusively with Leo women AND Virgo who prefer Leo to Virgo. Sometimes same-sign relationships cancel themselves out. Often, people are close to people who have same sign as their ascendan, especially if ascendant is distinctively different from sun sign. With two Aries the issue turns in "who’s listening?"

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