Back from Boyd County, Nebraska

I meant to write something before I went to Nebraska with my cousin Susan who’s written a book about some amazing folks living in Boyd County, Nebraska (google it) who fought off a nuke waste dump. For about 18 years. She’s chronicled a battle only slightly less lengthy, exhausting and detailed as that in the Iliad and since I’ve been reading/schmoozing/editing on it, it was time to visit. What an amazing state! I want to move – but only if I can spend the week in Lincoln and the weekends in Spencer. Went to Ashfall Dinosaur Park and would have been happy visiting other places. Her friend, Mark Vasina is president of Nebraskans for Peace and their next big project is seeing what can be done about the problems caused by the four liquor stores in White Clay, NB (population 14) that service the 30,000 Indians living a mile away at Pine Ridge, South Dakota. Nebraska, like Missouri is a weird combination of several places. It’s the midwest AND the wild west complete with depopulated towns. On our last day there I drove 150 miles and made ONE right turn in all that time. Amazing nice people, amazing piles of fossils from all pertinent eras but my favorite for last several years has been early to mid Cenozoic because the mammalian diversity got completely crazy. Anyway, am back, and still getting onto eastern time zone again. Anyone hear me on WTAG on Friday morning?


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I get so many letters there’s no way I can answer individual queries without posting them. So, what you send me is what I will print, with editing for grammar and mechanics and so on. If you’re writing just to vent, and don’t care about getting a reply, please tell me. I will not post your email address, and I will delete your last name from your letter. And I am available for individual forecasts. You can find information about that at I really enjoy having clients, and have a detailed form that asks circumstances and dates so I can construct a "map" of what’s happened when/why/how. And "Sally Cragin’s Moon Signs Calendar" for 2006 which features a daily Lunar Phase is finally done. Visit and click on the store to see.

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