Should McCain Respond to Obama's Choice By Selecting a Woman (Namely Condi Rice)?

Now that Barack Obama has made a conventional choice for vice president, it leaves the door open for John McCain to do something more exciting. If he were, say, to pick a woman -- it would have the potential to blow the election open, especially given the fact that Obama is already showing weakness appealing to women according to the latest Fox News poll.

But who? Carly Fiorina and Meg Whitman are intriguing choices but would make it much harder for McCain to make the case against Obama's "inexperience." Sen. Kay Bailey Hutchison -- pushed by pundit Dick Morris --  isn't really all that impressive and Biden would probably run circles around her in a debate.

That leaves Condi Rice. Yes, she makes it easier for Obama to argue that McCain would simply be a continuation of the Bush years. And, she has described herself as "mildly pro-choice" -- whatever that means. But selecting her would be a bold, exciting move -- energizing the McCain campaign and ultimately the electorate.

If the right-wing would accept Rice with her abortion views -- a big "if" -- she could well be worth the short-term risk for McCain. The guess here is that it might prove to be a terrific pick.     

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