The Polls In Iowa Show the Slightest of Upticks for Clinton and Edwards; Romney Back to Even With Huckabee

    As we've warned before, Iowa polls are notoriously unreliable, for a number of reasons. But it is worth paying attention to the general trend, if one factors in the results of all the polls and looks for a tendency. And, in both races, with five days to go, there appears to be something of a mini-trend.
    Compared to the results, say, two weeks ago for the Democrats, there appears to have been a slight uptick for Hillary Clinton, translating into a very small lead in several polls -- though not all. Edwards also appears to be gaining, according to some polls, moving clearly into contention. Whether these polls measure accurate trends or they hold up is another story, since virtually all the leads are within the polls' margins of error.
    For the GOP. Mitt Romney has arrested his slide and is neck and neck with Mike Huckabee.
    Remember, this is not a prediction at all of what may happen Thursday night; it's just a more long-term look at what's happening to the polls over several weeks.

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