Ads Classified: Romney Hits the Airwaves Again

    The latest ad offering from Mitt Romney, Inc., is better than his first venture. Titled simply, "I Like Vetoes," it's been up awhile in New Hampshire and is now going national. The ad, available here, plays to Romney's strengths as an executive and a candidate who can deal with the economy better than his rivals.
    In the ad, which simply features Romney giving a speech, the candidate promises as president to cap domestic spending at 1% less than the rate of inflation.
    With the economy beginning to waver, Romney's business credentials aren't a bad thing for him to promote. The downside of the ad is that he comes across, of course, as combative. That may appeal to GOP primary voters; it won't help him with independents.
    All in all, it's a better effort from his campaign. But it's still not very memorable.

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