The New Quinnipiac Poll: Good News for Republicans and Terrible News for Hillary

    Quinnipiac is out with a new set of polls and it’s good news for the Republicans and very bad news for Hillary Clinton.
    What the polls show is that Rudy Giuliani leads Clinton in the key swing states of Ohio, Pennsylvania, and Florida, while John McCain leads in the first two and is tied with Clinton in Florida. Since the Democrats need to win at least two of these three to win the presidency – and perhaps all three  – this is terrible news for Clinton. It’s especially depressing when one considers that Ohio was considered to be leaning to the Democrats – after a strong Dem showing in the ’06 elections.
    There’s an additional reason – beyond the results themselves – why this hurts Clinton. NBC News and the Wall Street Journal also came out with a poll this week that showed that 39% of the Democratic respondents – a plurality – felt that Hillary has the party’s best chance to win the presidency. As a factual matter, at least now, this is clearly incorrect and the Quinnipiac poll shows it. Obama might be a stronger candidate (he isn’t now but he has much more to room to grow than Hillary because he is still relatively unknown). But Edwards would almost definitely be stronger than Hillary because he doesn’t have her negatives and he would be competitive in border states such as Virginia and North Carolina.
    In other words, when Democratic voters slowly come to the realization that Hillary is not their strongest candidate for the fall campaign, her support will likely dissipate further.

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