A Preview Of Tonight's MSNBC Democratic Debate, Complete With Home Scorecard!

    For those who missed it, here is last week's column that previewed tonight's Democratic debate.

    Remember that the Tote Board will provide instant analysis of the debate on this site within minutes after the event ends at 8:30 pm. EDT.

    Also, here is a scorecard so you can keep track at home!

    The insider’s guide to scoring the first five minutes of the Democratic debate:

    ● Camera pans the field; reporters anxiously inspect Obama and Edwards to see if they’ve taken the trouble to wear neckties: 1 point
    ● Debate hosted by second-rate NBC News celebrity that network is trying to boost: 1 point
    ● That celebrity turns out to be Don Imus: 5 points
    ● Moderator gives obligatory lecture to audience about refraining from applause: 1 point
    ● Audience applauds the warning; moderator looks confused: 1 point
    ● Hillary begins by paying tribute to Elizabeth Edwards, thus showing that she has a heart and is a friend to women everywhere: 1 point
    ● Another candidate pays tribute to Elizabeth Edwards before Hillary’s turn; Hillary opens her eyes even wider than usual: 1 point
    ● Camera shows Elizabeth Edwards smiling in audience, thus giving her more favorable air time than Chris  Dodd and Dennis Kucinich combined: 1 point
    ● Joe Biden goes over the time limit in his opening: 1 point

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