“Giuliani warns of 'new 9/11' if Dems win.”

    Today’s headline in the Politico forecasts the future of the Republican race and even the fall 2008 campaign: “Giuliani warns of 'new 9/11' if Dems win.”
    One can completely disagree and even accuse the Republicans of creating an artificial climate of fear. But Giuliani is a superb politician and knows the strength of his own appeal (which, ironically, is often not the case in presidential politics). He is, in a way, as the Onion once humorously called it, running for president of 9/11, and he knows it’s a title he’s earned and one that is virtually unchallengeable in the minds of the public.
    Whatever one thinks of the merits of Giuliani’s charge, it’s good politics for him. Fighting the war on terror is a trump card: The polls already show that even super-conservative voters are willing to forgive Rudy’s liberal social stands because they trust him to stand up to “America’s enemies.” John McCain might be able to make a similar argument but because he’s tied his anti-terrorism credentials to the Iraq War and the present incumbent, he’s in a much weaker position.
    In a future Tote Board Column, we’ll explore how far Giuliani’s argument can take him. The hunch here is very far: Even if Fred Thompson gets in the race at the behest of the right-wing, he’s going to find that Giuliani has the public’s trust on an issue that ultimately overrides everything else on the public agenda.

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